We provide claims training and a variety of other services dedicated to the enhancement of the insurance industry.

Our goal is to assist the claims environment in its many highly technical and ever changing methods of operation via our analysis recommendation and educational processes.

We strive to deliver information and education that is both enlightening and useful. From initial needs analysis to flowcharting procedures; from workflow documentation to improvement design; from program improvement development to implementation and monitoring; from training course development to facilitation, International Insurance Institute, Inc. will be there to fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations.

Claims Training

At International Insurance Institute, Inc., we believe educational classes help increase knowledge, but only with training comes a change in behavior. Knowledge, without a change in behavior, produces little results.

That is why all training courses provided by International Insurance Institute, Inc. include time for the students to practice and understand how to put into use the newly acquired knowledge and skills. Real-life problem solving exercises, scenarios, role-plays and other such practice devices are used to help the students experience the results their new knowledge and skills will produce.

The goal of our training is to produce results. In every training session, regardless of the subject matter, we consider ourselves coaches. A coach has a vested interest in the success of his/her team. We work hard to deliver training courses that produce results, because we have a vested interest in our students performing well.

All instructors at International Insurance Institute, Inc. are successful claims managers and understand the investment being made when claims people attend training classes. We know the importance of having training produce results.

  • Adjuster Soft-Skill (4 hrs - 1 day)
  • Adjuster Technical Courses (2 hrs - 1 day)
  • Adjuster Technical Courses (2 - 5 days)
  • Adjuster Technical (1 - 3 weeks)
  • Courses for Non-Claims People
  • Manager Soft-Skill (Full Day Workshops)
  • Workers' Comp Specific Technical Courses
  • Workers' Comp Specific Soft Skill Courses

Guest Speaking

In addition to specific courses, International Insurance Institute performs guest speaking. From local claims associations to national conferences, the institute delivers engaging and practical presentations that range from breakout sessions to keynote speeches.

Topics for Guest Speaking are usually designed to meet your objective and your specific audience. Click here for a list of some of the current topics available.