Guest Speaking

In addition to specific courses, International Insurance Institute performs guest speaking. From local claims associations to national conferences, the institute delivers engaging and practical presentations that range from breakout sessions to keynote speeches.

Topics for Guest Speaking are usually designed to meet your objective and your specific audience. If you are looking for ideas, below is a list of just some of the current topics available.

Carl Van


  • Awesome Claims Customer Service: You're Good. You Can Get Better
  • How to Avoid Losing Customers
  • The Customer Service Standards: 5 Things to Never Forget
  • Practical Negotiations: Stop Arguing and Start Agreeing
  • Real Life Time Management for Claims
  • Stress Management: Give Yourself a Break Before You Die
  • Improving your Attitude and Initiative
  • Getting People's Cooperation – A Few Easy Steps
  • What Customers Hate – And Why We Do It
  • If You Can’t Say it Simply and Clearly, Then You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About: Some Business Writing Basics
  • Empathy: The Power Tool of Claims
  • Why Are They Calling Me? Things to do to Reduce Nuisance Calls
  • Let Me Do My Job: Simple Steps to get People to be Patient and Let You Do Your Job
  • Trust Me: Effective Ways to Gain Credibility
  • Saying No: The Right Way (and easy way), or The Wrong Way (the hard way)
  • Listening Skills: How to Avoid Missing the Point
  • Teamwork: Ways to Reduce the Work Created by Individualism
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  • Handling Your Difficult Employees (Without Threats and Violence)
  • Teaching and Coaching for Claims Supervisors and Managers
  • Initiative: How to Develop it in Your Staff
  • Stop Wasting Your Time – Practical Time Management for Managers
  • Effective Delegation: Why People Hate It When You Delegate, and How to Change That

Workers' Comp

  • Surveillance Basics
  • Investigation Strategies
  • Effective Interviewing
  • Medical Fraud Awareness
  • Property Fraud Awareness
  • Staged Accidents

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Guest Speaking