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More Than Just The Finest Claims Training Institute In The World!
We Also Provide the Following Valuable Services!

File Auditing
Complete file review to identify all areas of claims quality, including final report, Pareto charts and improvement recommendations. Can also review for pre-determined issues as identified by the customer.

Workflow Analysis
Flowcharting of workflow within office or group for any procedure(s) requiring improvement. Includes labeled flowcharts, wall-charts and final report outlining issues and recommendations for improvement.

Individual Personnel Development Assessment
An in-depth analysis of strengths and improvement opportunities for any individual within the claims organization (Clerical, Adjuster, Supervisor or Manager). Utilizing a variety of methods (including workflow analysis, customer monitoring and sit-alongs), a clear and usable report on issues and recommendations for improvement is made that can be utilized as an individual developmental action plan.

Team Development Assessment
An in-depth analysis of the workings within any unit, group or office. Beyond just Workflow, this includes how the group functions and identifies the barriers to being a more productive team. A final report on improvement recommendations is included.

Conference Organization and Guest Speaking
Any level of assistance in setting up a conference for in-house staff, specializing in Claims Adjuster, Supervisor and Manager Conferences. From supplying keynote speakers and/or guest trainers, to complete responsibility of setting up and managing an entire multi-day conference (which includes arranging conference location and lodging, curriculum and agenda development, breakout seminars and activities, all handout materials, providing trainers and speakers, etc.)

Independent Investigation & Claims Adjusting Services
Founded on the belief that an Independent Adjusting Firm must do more than provide a high quality investigation, III Claims Service will provide a combination of quality, service and value that will produce the best results for your company.

It is our job to go above and beyond the simplicity of investigating a loss. We are your source for information. Any and every communication we encounter with a party reflects on you, the client.

As we investigate a loss, the information we collect, the respect engendered from an insured, and our ability to control an exposure, are all a part of the service we provide.

Projects Administration
Projects Administration includes any project requiring assistance to be carried out within a claims department, that would usually be done by a claims manager, whether self generated or delegated down to the claims operation. We provide you with everything you need, from assistance with a small portion of a project to complete management of an entire project, and status summaries and target reports are issued at any interval desired.

Vendor Contract Administration
Any level of assistance in setting up vendor lists, analyzing and negotiating contract pricing and services for comparison. Includes attorneys, rental car agencies, medical record copy companies, independent adjusting companies, or any other type of vendor used within a claims operation. Includes reviewing for vendor contract compliance. Also includes membership in special pricing group which allows smaller, low volume companies take advantage of high volume discounts.

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