Gaining Cooperation with the Workers Compensation Professional

3 Easy Steps to Getting Injured Workers to Do What You Want Them to Do

Paperback $19.95

About the book

Gaining Cooperation is designed to help any Workers' Comp Professional who deals with injured workers on a regular basis. Sometimes injured workers can be uncooperative. They may not want to sign a form, give information, or supply documentation, even if it is to their benefit. This book provides the reader with a simple three- step process to not only getting the injured worker's cooperation, but to improving customer service. Some basic maxims are outlined and explained to help the reader gain the cooperation they are looking for.

Maxim #1: Great negotiators never argue with reasons, they argue with facts.
Maxim #2: You never have to prove anyone wrong, you only have to prove yourself right
Maxim #3: People will consider your point of view to the exact degree that you demonstrate you understand their point of view.

This book relies heavily on the "acknowledgment tool" to help the reader see that a little bit of empathy can go a long way.

About the authors

Debra Hinz, Southern California Manager, Macro Pro Copy Services, has over 20 years of leadership experience in the insurance industry. She is widely respected throughout the industry for her insightful methodologies for customer management and relationship development. As Vice President for Continental Lawyers, she developed key guiding principles toward effective sales and marketing teams focusing on ensuring great customer service. As the Director of Marketing for AT&T she garnered vast experience in organizing teams, incentivizing partners and building awareness campaigns.

Ms. Hinz is known in the Workers’ Compensation field to be a champion of improving the quality of services available to examiners. She created the Association of Insurance Professionals, which became an instant success and continues to be the largest attended Workers’ Comp association in California. She also served as its President and board member. She is a highly sought after member of several association boards and committees, providing keen details on how they can improve their effectiveness by focusing on the needs of the attendees.

Her experience in international relations is well respected and drawn personal inquires from then Governor of California as well as the former Vice President of the United States.

Ms. Hinz’s broad experience in the Workers’ Comp industry, and her unique talent at building trust in customers, has contributed to her reputation as a leader who helps others succeed.

Carl Van, President & CEO of International Insurance Institute, Inc. graduated from California State University, Sacramento where he received his bachelor’s degree in Insurance.

Mr. Van has written over 50 articles for Claims magazine, Claims Education Magazine, Claims Advisor, Claims People magazine, The Subrogator, The National Underwriter, and California Insurance Journal.

He is the Dean of the School of Claims Performance, and serves as Regional Vice President of the Society of Insurance Trainers and Educators. He is owner and publisher of Claims Education Magazine, and board president of both the Claims Education Conference and the International Claims Executive Academy.

Mr. Van is creator, presenter and producer of all claims training videos at Claims Education On Line. He is the author of the highly acclaimed book "The 8 Characteristics of the Awesome Adjuster," which has sold internationally throughout the United States, Canada, Newfoundland, Guam, Singapore, France, Australia, England, Chile, Ireland, and 15 other countries. Other books by Carl Van include "The Claims Cookbook, and Attitude, Ability and the 80/20 Rule."

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