Awesome Claims Customer Service Part 1

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Awesome Claims Customer Service - Part 1 provides tips, strategies and recommendations for claims professionals to both improve the customer experience while making their jobs easier.

Claims is a different business than most businesses. In claims, our customers have had something bad happen to them. They didn’t want it, they didn’t ask for it, and they don’t like it.  Sometimes we have to deal with our customers a little bit differently. If after reading this book you can get customers to listen to you better, remember more of what you said, be more patient, be much more reasonable, stop calling as much, trust you more, cooperate much more, and understand you better, would that be a few hours well spent? We think so because that’s the outline for Awesome Claims Customer Service – Part 1. By reading this book, you will greatly improve customer service, increase retention and make your job much, much easier in the process. So, let’s get started!

Carl Van, President and CEO of International Insurance Institute, Inc. and Jon Coscia, President of Latitude Subrogation Services have nearly fifty years of professional claims experience between them.  In Awesome Claims Customer Service – Part 1 they share the secrets they have learned over the years to improve customer service, save you time and give you the tools to make your claims job easier.

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